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Nicholle Sanchez, Naturopathic Practitioner




My name is Nicholle Sanchez but everyone calls me Flower Nicholle.


My cliff notes are:

  • I was born in Puerto Rico.
  • I grew up in Dallas, Texas.
  • My late teens and twenties were spent in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • I was raised by a single mother who was a school teacher.
  • I married my loving husband in 2009.

Since I was a child, I loved classical & 80’s music. My mom raised me as a Trekie (Star Trek Fan ? no offense to Star Wars lol). Whatever chance I get, I love to lay in a field of grass or a hammock to daydream and relax. I love to work in my garden and maintain my vermi-compost (worms are fun).

I would say my physical healing journey began in 2011, when I met a woman who was vegetarian. “What the heck is a vegetarian?” I asked and she simply told me to check out peta.org. Yikes! That night on my computer I felt reality slap me in the face. I woke up and became aware that in my 26 years, I had no idea where anything that I put into my body came from.

This led me to start researching where all my food was being sourced from and perhaps food did affect our bodies. I decided I would start this “vegetarian” journey and also implement it with my husband and my mom who had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in 2003.

From 2011 to 2015, I went on a self help journey and had been vegetarian, then vegan, then raw foodist and also a juicer…but I still wasn’t feeling that vitality I knew my body was capable of.

We all implemented healthier foods and supplements which showed positive responses but felt there was a missing link; the balance of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. So I went back to school.

At school, I started my own emotional, mental and spiritual healing journey when I realized I had experienced traumas during my life that I had not come to peace with.

“It was in this moment that I realized that our perceptions of our life experiences play a HUGE part in our Body, Mind, Emotional and Spiritual balance.”

“When I learned of flower essences, I was immediately drawn to them. Through the use of flower essences, tapping and self help techniques like coloring, energy work, meditation, deep breathing, and so much more, my path has been graceful and I have released many of my perceptions.” 

On July 2016, I became certified as a Naturopathic Practitioner.

My purpose is to guide and help you rebalance your body, mind, emotional and spiritual bodies.

I strive to help people understand the physical, mental and emotional cause of imbalances. Guided by a practical and always optimistic approach, I help you improve your health, achieve your goals and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy, balanced and vibrant life; Body, Mind, Emotion & Spirit.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Want to know more about working with me? Discover more here…

My 3 Main Modalities 

From the Chinese medicine standpoint, we are working with the meridian system, which is an energetic circuitry that maps itself throughout the entire body. When there is any degree of imbalance or trauma, emotional or physical, this circuitry can become blocked. Regardless of how long or how deeply the blockage has been held in the body and the mind, Applied Kiniseology, Flower Essences and Tapping produce dramatic results.

Applied Kiniseology, also known as muscle response testing, is a non-invasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs in real time. Discover more here…

Tapping is a blend of modern psychology & traditional Chinese medicine. By simultaneously tapping on specific circuitry points (some of the same points used in acupuncture), while focusing on the stressful issue, and repeating positive statements, you are able to clear the blockage and experience relief. Discover more here…

Flower essences are complimentary vibrational medicine which are made from the energetic imprints of the life force of plants. When taken internally they interact with the mental and emotional bodies of the human being; specifically bringing awareness to the blockages. Discover more here…

Benefits of Services & Workshops

  • Nourish and develop specific positive traits
  • Experience more vitality
  • Release emotional pain from past experiences that gets stored at a subtle levels of the body
  • Educate and empower yourself
  • Deeply cleanse and nourish your body and energetic channels
  • Shift the energy around deeply rooted behaviors, helping you break free of old conditioned patterns
  • Experience greater ease and clarity during a transition of any sort
  • Enliven your inner intelligence, allowing you to bloom into your full potential